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Create and promote your apprenticeship program to recruit the best candidates

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Motivated candidates are ready to train in your company. FASTPORT can help you connect with them. 

Veterans, transitioning service members, Guardsmen, Reservists and military spouses consistently express their desire for on-the-job training to help them transition effectively into the civilian workforce. A DOL-approved Registered Apprenticeship is one of the best and most respected recruiting and training methods for this military community as well as excellent civilian candidates. 
As the U.S. Department of Labor's (DOL) selected Transportation & Logistics Sector Industry Intermediary, FASTPORT will walk you through the process of creating your apprenticeship program to attract these highly sought-after job seekers—and complete the program's set-up in a matter of days.
Together, the DOL, FASTPORT, and employers like you will work to make the American Dream a reality for job seekers by expanding the number of these apprenticeship opportunties in the transportation industry. Let's talk about how you can join this mission.
There is no charge to set up your apprenticeship program. In fact, FASTPORT will help you research and find applicable state and federal funds to help bolster your training. 
For more information or to begin your company's apprenticeship program, please complete the form provided on this page.


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